Procedure for dental treatment in dental clinic "Dr Kuljaca"

Before you contact us

Weiting room in specialist dental clinic Dr Kuljaca.

In order to make the whole process as smooth and stress free as possible we advise you following procedure before contacting us:

  • Visit your local dentist and have a consultation regarding your dental care and the treatments that you require.
  • Apply PANORAMIC X-RAY from your dentist.
  • Once you are aware of all needed treatments and the possible solutions you should contact our dentist Dr. Kuljaca.

When you contact us

Office in dental clinic Dr Kuljaca Belgrade.

Dr. Kuljaca speaks English, French, and German languages. You can contact him by telephone Monday to Sathurday, from 08:00h to 20:00h (from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM). Once you have presented Dr. Kuljaca with the panoramic x-ray, symptoms of your problem as well as your local dentists diagnoses he will be able to make the preliminary action plan and calculate the approximate cost of the treatment. The preliminary plan that is made over the telephone is solely based on the information that you will be providing the doctor with and due to this it will be 90% definite, dr.Kuljaca withholds the right to make minor changes, with your agreement, once he can personally examine your gums and teeth as this is necessary for final and adequate treatment.

Making the payment

Satisfied customers in dental clinic Dr Kuljaca.

There is available paying only in cash.

  • You are obligated to pay 50% of total after the first visit to the dentist and the rest after your last visit.
  • As a foreign customer you will have the priority when making the schedule with Dr. Kuljaca.
  • After treatment we will issue you specially certified invoices - purpose of these is refunding the amount paid in their countries of origin.

Technical support

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