FAQ about Belgrade, Medical Tourism, Dental clinic Dr Kuljaca, Belgrade Hotels, Belgrade Airport,

1. What exactly does Medical Tourism represent?

Medical tourism is traveling to a foreign country for medical reasons. It may include any medical treatment and be caused by numerous reasons. Today most common medical treatments for which people turn to medical tourism are dental care, aesthetic and eye surgery. The most common reasons are great differences in prices, quality services and combining vacation and medical treatments.

2. What services does company Medical Tourims in Belgrade offer?

"Medical Tourism in Belgrade" helps you find the best way of transportation, accommodation, and books your connects you with a well equipped dental clinic in Belgrade. Upon your arrival to Belgrade Airport or the bus station, "Medical Tourism in Belgrade" offers you ride to your hotel, transport to each visit to your dental clinic, and once your stay in Belgrade is over, back to the airport or the bus station. During your stay in Belgrade we would provide you with a mobile telephone which you would be able to use 24h/day for any type of emergency.

3. What quality of treatments does the dental clinic in Belgrade offer?

Dental clinic of Dr. Kuljaca operates by high European standards. All the equipment as well as the material used is imported from the western European countries.

4. How can I benefit by coming to Belgrade for my dental procedure?

Using our services you can save up to 70% of the amount that you would spend in your country.

5. Is there a guarantee on dental services?

For all dental services there is a 4 years of guarantee. It includes dental treatment and transportation from airport to your hotel, and each visit to the dental clinic. It does not include your transportation to Belgrade and your stay in hotel.

6. How can I find the list of Belgrade hotels?

On our page hotels.htm there is a link to all Belgrade hotels where you can find all needed information, prices, photos and how to book a room.

7. Do I need visa to enter and stay in Serbia?

For citizens from USA, Canada, Australia, and European Union visa is not required for any stay under 90 days.

8. What can I do and see in Belgrade during my free time?

Belgrade has to offer a great number of fine restaurants with domestic and international cuisine as well as numerous cafes in downtown or along the river side. Night life is very rich and it is something that attracts many tourists to Belgrade. There is also more cultural and quieter side of Belgrade and offers many museums, churches, theatres and art galleries.